The 4 C’s – Carat


carat weight of a diamondcarat weight of a diamondcarat weight of a diamond

A “carat” represents the measurement of weight of a diamond and is calculated by measuring the surface area of the top of the stone and the depth of the cut.

As larger diamonds are much rarer the cost will increase exponentially to the increase in size.  A one carat diamond will be more than just double the cost of a half carat diamond.

However, a ring, bracelet or bangle with multiple diamonds that have a combined weight of one carat will be considerably less expensive than a single stone of that weight.

This measurement is also a major influencing factor in fixing the price of a diamond as the price increases as the weight increases.

The carat or weight of a diamond is also a deciding factor in setting the grade of a diamond. Normally one carat is equivalent to 0.07 ounces that is equals to 200 milligrams.

4 Carat Total Weight Diamond Swirl Tennis Bracelet. - This spectacular tennis bracelet shimmers with four full carats of brilliant round diamonds. Gleaming 14 karat yellow gold provides a strong and secure setting for a glowing river of diamonds.

One carat may be referred to as '100 points'.  This means that a half carat would be listed as '50 points' and a 2 carats diamond would be equal to a 200 point diamond, while a 30 point diamond would be listed at just under a third of a carat.


Specialized scales are also available to determine the carat of a diamond.