Lab Certificates and Appraisals

Certificates and Appraisals. stunning diamond rings & nailart

Jewelry “lab certificates” and “appraisals” for valuable jewelry are not the same document. They serve different purposes and contain a different set of information that is helpful to jewelry owners, as well as to people who are looking to purchase new jewelry. 

However jewelry lab certificates and appraisals often go hand in hand.


Choosing Certificates and/or Appraisals. 

When selecting jewelry certificates and/or appraisals on jewelry it is advisable to select an independent company to provide these documents as opposed to the documents created by the seller. There is the potential for the lab or appraiser to be biased, since they will benefit from the sale of the jewelry. 


Jewelry Lab Certificates. 

Jewelry lab certificates are written reports that describe in detail the information about an unmounted gem stone that has not been set into a piece of jewelry.  The certificates include information about the diamond’s (or other gemstones) cut and shape, as well as the stone’s color and clarity grades as decided by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).  

Lab certificates contain specifics about the carat weight as well as the dimensions of the diamond, taking into account the stone’s angles.  

Once the lab certificate is drawn up, it should not change unless the stone is physically altered or it is found at a later date that the gem stone was evaluated incorrectly the first time. sparkling diamonds

If a consumer would like to get an assessment or certification for a diamond, the GIA, which is the Gemological Institute of America is considered more independent and accurate than a jeweler. Also consider the Diamond High Council (HRD) or the International Gemological Institute (IGI).

It is not advisable to use the Diamond Calculators on the Internet, as they are not considered accurate.

The Diamond Grading Report is considered the main resource for the serious shopper. 


Jewelry Appraisals. 

The appraisal provides detailed information on the market value of a piece of jewelry, whether it is unmounted or already set as a ring, earrings, or necklace for example.  

Jewelry appraisals document the dollar value of the diamond, whether it is for personal investment purposes or for insurance purposes.  It is also a physical record useful to establish a reliable valuation if anything is stolen or to provide an accurate valuation for future sales.

These documents are also valuable when settlements – divorce or estate – are to be made as well as establishing inheritance values when precious diamonds are passed down to family members.   

To establish the current market value of a new piece of jewelry it is advisable to obtain an appraisal before purchasing the item.