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Buying Diamonds Online

Experience the thrill of browsing countless collections of stunning diamond jewelry online. This can be done in your own time at your convenience and without any "sales talk". Help is always readily available with a quick phone call or email and is rather useful as, when making a purchase of this magnitude, decisions are not generally made in haste.

Vivid images, full descriptions, payment plans, made to order designs, documentation, delivery options and exceptional customer service are now part of the e-jeweler experience.   

The online shopping cart of jewelry retailers is one of the big growth areas for e-commerce in the 21st century.   

E-commerce diamond retailers may provide a list of diamonds owned by groups of wholesalers and allow the buyer to make their choice based on the specifications in the list.

Online brokers are available to trade on your behalf if you are not confident.

When buying diamond jewelry online, it is advisable to obtain a Jewelry Certificate of Authenticity such as a GIA Certificate with any purchase.   Check with Better Business Bureau Online to be sure the retailer is trustworthy.  The BBB Online will show if there have been any complaints or reports of fraud against the company.  All diamonds should bear a laser identification marking. 

A dependable online jeweler will be available to help answer any queries so use the extensive search features on jewelry sites to find the right diamond jewelry.

Look for the four C's.  

Online sites are very well presented but always check that the returns and shipping and handling policies are to your satisfaction.  

Inquire if shipping insurance is available and what types of packaging are used. 

Most e-jewelers now offer layaway plans and many are now offering a service to help you create your own design, choose your diamond and build your own jewelry. 

Use the internet to search for other user’s experiences or visit forums, message boards or many of the social media sites to determine if the jeweler is trustworthy.  

The 4 C's of a diamond.

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